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Download aion 4.0 update. The countdown to AION begins! One of the many improvements and features in the upcoming Update is the expansion of the class system by adding three new classes to the already existing ones. NCsoft published the first pictures and of course, we won’t withhold them. Aion will be the first big update with actual new classes, as opposed to balance changes to the classes already present in the game. That in itself is enough to get excited about!

NCSoft announced the arrival of three new classes at Gamescom, and preview videos of two of them were uploaded to Youtube just two days Ashley Shankle. With the upcoming Update, AION receives three new playable classes we have hinted with the last Update news, including silhouette images.

NCsoft Korea reveals new Concept Arts to lighten the dark. This time, the "Gunner" class is on spotlight. Wild, wicked, mysterious, Wild West. Does this class fit into the world of AION? Download the latest version of Aion for Windows. Endless adventures in the world of Atreia. Aion. NC Soft. 0. 0. k. Endless adventures in the world of Atreia.

Advertisement. Latest version. Mar 31rd, Older versions Aion: The Tower of Eternity, the game's complete name, is a free MMORPG (although it started. Download aion for free. Games downloads - AION by NCsoft Corporation and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Aion Catalyst Ram - Dec. 5 test shots of the first primary server update instructions!

Today the newest Aion part 1 was implemented on Korean Public Test Server (PTS)! It mainly focus on level cap increase to 65, new zones, skills, items, instances, new forst and new “Gunner” class. Aion brings you a stunning MMORPG you'll disccover abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons and epic battles! It seems that “Aion ” expansion will be split into 3 major “updates/parts” – part 1 will go live on 20th December, part 2 on 16th January (with Bard class), part 3 around end of 1st Q of (with Raider class).

Have a look on the first part of Aion ! BE AWARE!!! This is “fan-made” translation from the original Korean. Source: Aion new skills on Official Korean page, English translation of skills done by Aion Source. Daeva’s Report allows other websites to re-publish its articles, as long as they put clear and visible information about original source and link to article on Daeva’s Report.

Aion login screen soundtrack Song of Katalam by Jeon Byungkyu Disclaimer: The picture comes from the gamefolders. The music belongs to Aion, NCSoft. In addition to 4 hairstyles added previously in Aion part 1 update (2 for each gender), additional ones were added (2 for males, 4 for females) And many more Source: General patch notes of Aion part 2 on Korea Aion PTS page.

Karlsruhe, – After countless successful test runs on the public test server, the day has finally arrived: Gameforge is releasing the much anticipated update for AION Free-to-Play. Along with a new upper level limit of 65, three new areas and fresh content in the PvP and PvE areas, this enhancement brings a very special feature to Atreia: the new classes of Engineer and Artist.

Aion dungeons after the update Aion team announced details about upcoming content that we can expect after the Aion update. In the first post Aion developers unveiled information about five new dungeons. Some of these dungeons introduce new features. Take off into the world of fantasy MMORPG AION Free-to-Play and fight for the fate of your people – on the ground and in the air! – Feel free to play. The download of game data will follow in individual packets – you'll be able to start your adventure after the first 6 GB! Then, whilst you are playing, the download will. In the newest “minor” update of Aionwhich today was implemented to Korean Test Server, new 6 vs 6 battleground was added (in Aion part 2 already 12vs12 battlefield was added “The Kamar Battlefield”).

Found out more about new battlefield! continue reading. NCsoft released a preview of the new "Bard"/"Musician" class, playable in the update These scenes are a preview.

Content may change during development. By Eric Kandel (Misanthropologist) Aion‘s latest major update, Dark Betrayal, has been heralded as the start of a renaissance for the aging Korean game. NCSoft reported a greater volume of Aion-related player traffic in July than at any point since its western release in   1.

Step: Download --> Download AL 1-Click Server 2. UnRar using program of choice. 3. Start "" 4. Copy Your system Login-Fix Files into your Aion directory 5. Copy the InGameShop FiX into your Aion directory. [Update: The launcher is now working! Boot the game from the Aion executable or shortcut to begin!]. Perhaps not as exciting as the actual Aion launch is the release of patch notes, linked on the official Twitter and subsequently linked right thing we have a while to wait, because within file lies 62 pages of information on what we're about to see later today.

PLEASE read description. maybe there are answers for your questions. ↓ its just for entertainment, i dont want to show how good i am or how bad my opponents. [Aion part 2] Official multimedia! Jan Aion Online, In English. Share on Facebook.

Share on Twitter. I would like to present you official multimedia of Aion Part 2 update! Check out official screenshots and concept arts of new class Bard, new instances and zones! (click to enlarge) BARD (New Class) UNDERGROUND KATALAM (New Zone). UPDATE Aion Online Hybrid Septem | ANNOUNCEMENT Emotion and Pets Drop Septem | EVENTS Solorius Festival December 4, |   AION - Update - 2 novas classes! Gunslinger e Bard! - MMO RPG F2P RaYaR. Loading Unsubscribe from RaYaR?

Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. The developers of Aion announced that they will be adding three new playable classes for the game update. The team from Aion is playing their cards close to the vest, as very few other details were forthcoming. What we were able to prod and pull out of our sources at Gamescom, is that one of the new classes will use a gun, and another will.

REGISTRATION Play AION for free Register & Download REGISTER NOW! Shop shop now. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD NOW! AION on Twitter. Tweets by @Aion_FreeToPlay.

THE SOLORIUS CONTEST Join the fun and win fantastic prizes! THE POWER OF THE SKY Here we go again – join part 3 of our epic event series. WE’RE CELEBRATING THE LUCKY DAY!. Download and Install Aion 1. Download GamezAION, click here 2. Extract GamezAION_zip using 7-zip.

Connecting to Gamez Aion 1. Open the GamezAION Folder 2. Run to connect! AION Free-to-Play Website The Legacy of the High Daevas The Great Catastrophe, in which Aion's tower was broken into numerous fragments and Atreia was almost entirely obliterated, was a. Are you still playing on the servers that have a lot of bugs? Admins always promise to fix everything? It is enough to endure it! First free Aion game server with a perfect build!!

% operability of all game content! Version X2 rates. Join now! Version: Licence: Free Publisher: NC Soft Download Novem. Game screenshots: Share. Tweet Share Pin it Reddit Share. Aion description: Infinity, the full name of the game Aion: the tower (it started as payment (although) Dragons are mythical creatures, half-gods, and epic MMORPG set in the fantasy world of atreia where to. This is the first of three updates on the Korean PTS and is by no means the extent of new content.

The next update is coming on December 20, and the one after that will come on January As of now, Aion has no official release date in any country. [Edit!] Sorry for the misinformation here, the patch went live on December   Our website provides a free download of AION The most popular versions among the software users areand This free PC software is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 environment, 32 and bit versions.

The actual developer of the free program is. EuroAion is a perfect quality private European server of Aion! % working game platform fully matching the official game server of version!

No bugs, errors and defects -. A blog about the MMO Aion and my adventures in it. Monday, Decem Ceramium medals are the newest medal available in the update.

They are needed (along with AP and a status of 1 star officer or higher) to buy the new Field Officer gear. If this gear is your goal, then you have to obtain ceramium medals. The lowest amount. Afcon qualifiers updates Online Classic Private Server. Discover Atreia's challenges! Tag: Aion South Korea. Aion – New Aethertech class reaching Korean server in patch. cinderboy-J. North America. Aion – NCsoft releases new storyline trailer for E3 Welcome to Aion private server LFG TRADE chat working.

New server official rates, download the client! and start playing! Greetings, Antaras. 39 Votes: 7 Beyond Aion Retail-like with custom improvements, PvE PvP, increased rates, no VIP, no Gold Packets, online, Events various bonuses, frequent Updates, qualified Support. [Update: The images are official and the classes are tentatively known as Musician, Gunner, and Rider.] When NCsoft announced that Aion.

Aion has already seen a release in Korea and China, and the North American server is about to get its injection of update goodness next month. NCSoft has remained tight-lipped about many of the features added in despite the information being plastered all. Learn more about the new Aion Dark Betrayal update. Beginner's Tips for New Aion Players - Welcome to Atreia! 5 comments by Ashley Shankle. Getting along in Atreia as a new Daeva isn't easy. Approach Aion with these point in mind to avoid the inevitable noob confusion.

AION Free-to-Play: update on its way to Europe. Release planned for August | Engineers and artists are the new classes Karlsruhe, – Gameforge today announces that the integration work on AION’s upcoming update is running at full speed.

The German, French and English language versions are currently in the process more. With Aionthe level cap is being raised to 65, which means there will be new skills coming!

Get a look at some PvP, Raid vs. Raid, and brand new "Charge"-type skills, that increase in power the. Nude textures for females of Elyos race in Aion. Credits: CradleOfFear. Aion Asmodian Nude Skins. Aion. Aion nude patch for females of Asmodian race.

Credits: CradleOfFear. Let’s Play. Search for: Games: + Desktop nude patch () + Blond Girls () +. And there is the fact that last time when I saw real people in some Aion trailer it was two weeks before the update. I'm not saying it is but the guy above made me think of the possibility of it.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Aion: The Tower of Eternity (Korean: 아이온: 영원의 탑) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released by game combines PvP and PvE (a concept the developers call PvPvE) in a fantasy game environment.

As ofAion had million subscribers in Asia. AION's first major expansion pack was released to North America and Europe on September 7. Danuar Sanctuary (DS), also known as Danuar Shelter KR/EU, was an ancient Danuar burial tomb filled with riches and ancient relics of the fallen race. It was originally introduced as an instance for level 65+ players in the update. In the update the minimum entry level was adjusted to 63, and the instance also received a Hard Mode equivalent for players of level 65 and above: Seized.

Character. Class. Race. Gender. Abyss Point. Rank. 1. Stev. Gladiator. Elyos. Male. Officer(4) 2. Keyruka. Cleric. Elyos. Female. Soldier Rank 1.

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